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Potluck Investor

Support this project & gain perks within the community by becoming a Potluck Investor.

Potluck Investor

        For as little as $10 a month you can support my efforts of innovating solutions and building out this community into something we can all use. The whole goal of this platform was to build off an understanding that individually we don't stand a chance within these markets ideally as with numbers we are stronger. These markets are a while ride of riding bulls & running from bears, each individual trader brings something special into this community & if we can reference each individual traders strengths we can grow a strong trading community that can help each other grow our assets and achieve our trading goals and aspirations.

Benefits of becoming a Potluck Investor? 

Investor Private Group: Join our private investor group, ask questions & connect with other strong investors.

Support Weekly Videos: On Advrage, I publish a video a week focused on trading or programming. Support the development of this app as server fees and hosting cost a

growing monthly fee & it helps me continue to provide updates.

Get added to our Sponsor page: I will add your name & a website if requested to our sponsor page.

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