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VPS Server

Setup a VPS to manage & host your trading bot so it's powered all day & you have quick remote access for management. An awesome tool & a video tutorial included on how to set up to improve your trading capabilities.


VPS Server

Look into getting a VPS for managing your trading bot, running a bot 24/7 takes a lot of processing capabilities & its not ideal to use your main computer to host them. With this, the ideal solution is to set up your trading bot on a VPS located near your exchange of choice for trading assets. With this, you receive a betting ping vs your competition giving you an edge with quicker trade times & you get remote access to your server so you can easily jump into it from your phone or personal computer with the help of TeamViewerWith this any professional automation trader has their own set of VPS for managing their trading bots & in the video above I break down how to set up a VPS easily with the help of VPS Servers.

Pricing & setup is flexible & you can pick a plan that fits your location & needs:

After which you can pick the operating system and terminal that will be used for your bot, depending on the needs of user-friendly capabilities or price theirs a variety of different operating systems to choose from:

Lastly, pick the size and price that fits the demand of the server you'll need & you are all set!

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