Udemy Dashboard Course

Launched a New Udemy Course on Building Dashboards

Welcome to this new course I just launched that focuses on building out interactive dashboards with plotly & dash. This in-depth curriculum covers everything needed to go from a novice to a pro as we cover the fundamentals & build off them to provide a complete course. We build 15+ dashboards during this course & I cover a range of topics from how to work with time-series data, how to create app.callbacks to update in real-time & how to work with multiple API's ranging from the stock market, cryptocurrency & Reddit to build in-depth applications. I plan on developing out this course more & more over time and will address how to integrate dashboards into Django applications like this one. (login required: username - guest , password - guestpassword)

Learn the Core Components

  1. Drop Down Menu
  2. Image Processing into Bites
  3. Sliders
  4. Range Sliders
  5. TextBox
  6. Tables
  7. Tabs
  8. Date Picker
  9. Upload Button for CSV & XLS
  10. Upload Button for Images
  11. Markdown

Some Pictures of Some of the Dashboards Developed Together

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