Real Estate App

                                                                                        About this Project

This is a complete real estate application that allows brokers to manage their agents & properties. With a rich frontend & backend of the application for presenting the properties or managing the logistics of the operations. Real estate agents can create listings & add all the important information in regards to the listing like pictures, video & listing data. Brokers can add or remove agents and manage the promotion page of the agent of the month. Buyers can search listings based on different criteria & inquire via a form on individual listings which alert the agent via an automatic email.

Project's Programming Stack

Django, Python, Postgres, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, SHELL & Launched with Heroku

How To Launch this App

            1. activate the venv with source REAL_BOT/bin/activate

            2.  pip install requirements

            3. Set up the Postgres database

            4. python migrate 

            5.python runserver

Things Learned

This project taught me a lot of information in regards to building out a full stack Django application, the creation of models, views & database setup has been an invaluable learning experience.  This was also the first Django Application I launched myself & setup the Ubunutu Server for which was also a good learning point when working within terminals.