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World Economic Calendar

A very useful tool for looking into world politics and markets

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Simple app for quickly getting the underlined block size, volume, Cumulative On-chain Transaction Volume & other important data to see the behind the scenes of the blockchain data.

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Crypto Subreddit Tracker - Reddit

Currently over 170 cryptocurrency subreddits are being tracked, providing real-time stats such as daily activity, most popular coins, and most frequently used words.

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coinfarms is an awesome tool for seeing the shorts vs longs & together in real time what the market is doing. 

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Cryptowatch gives you control over all your digital asset holdings from one place. Whether you are a financial institution, active trader, or just hodling a few coins, Cryptowatch has industry-leading tools to help you. Plus, it all works on web and mobile.

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This app is powerful to breakdown the different exchanges transaction in reference to each other as you can look into a ton of information in reference

to price, transactions, volatility, block size & mining.