Monopolize Tech to Help Grow Your Business

The 21'st century has changed the landscape that businesses operate in, as technology has evolved the company's & people that are able to adapt thrive while the "old way" of doing business starts to fade from existence. MonopolizeTech is an online technology consulting firm I've started to help spot opportunities within small mom & pop shops & family businesses. Our business mission is to implement technology into the businesses we work with as a way to increase revenue, scale up operations & eliminate time consuming tasks.


Services We Offer

    Web/App Development

    If you need help building an online brand or website, I've gotcha covered from the simple static html website to in-depth full stack applications. With a background in cloud computing & data science I can build simple or the highest level of complex custom solutions for your needs. From interactive dashboards, automated tasks, database management, design & every other impressive tech skill. We are a master at Building custom websites or application at the highest professional level.

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    Logo's & Photoshop

    From building custom themed advertisements to logos & online marketing campaigns we have the tools and experience to make sure every design & marketing need is taken care of with the highest level of craftsmanship.

    Marketing & Business Analytics
    The new oil in the 21'st century is data, the information you collect on your customers & the insights and improvements this information provides for growing your business. With the highest level of confidence I can proudly state we are masters with every aspect of gather data & building custom solutions & dashboards arround this information. From gathering competitors data to setting up a powerful marketing / sales plan with your business we take information & turn it into results.

    Tech Education

    With years of experience in the field I feel like its important to pass the knowledge I have forward for the next generation of innovators. I teach by making tutorial videos & hold in person classes & seminars focused on video editing, photoshop, website design & full-stack programming.

Finished Projects

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Constructible Dashboard

This is a constructible dashboard I built with Node, React, Javascript, HTML, CSS & Jquery.

Project Overview

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