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        This project was developed out of necessity to help a small content creators connect with his community and extract the value needed to build ontop of a collective goal. The dream is to understand financial markets & to help push people to innovate solutions in this open sourced attempt of understanding the financial industry. With such complexity within the problem of world markets I'm of the belief algorithms alone do not hold the power to understand the full scope of what we face. In-order to progress and build a solid path for understanding this complexity & grow our investments we need to work on bringing community & algorithms together in a way that hasn't been attempted. For this reason I've devoted my time to building & maintaining the Potluck a community of programmers & financial enthusiast as we work to building ourselves a financial safety net through attempting to solve financial & investing problems.

  • The Blind Investor

    When you first jump into this industry you realize the learning curve you have in-front of you. You are ignorant to the norms, lingo & correlations in retrospect to investing with questions & a mountain of information to dissect its easy to get overwhelmed. The most vital step in taking charge of your financial future & Setting up a long term foundation for successes is MANAGE YOUR OWN PORTFOLIO. Trust only yourself and spend the resources & time in learning the fundamentals that will aid in the long term value you create. This First step is education, invest in learning the basics and grow confidence as you develop a support structure so you can succeed.

    Setup a Foundation
  • Community Driven Research

    Individually we stand no chance, theirs too many indicators to take into account within investing we are bombarded with FOMO & FUD and to determine the ultimate truth of the market is a impossible task. Regardless how close can we get to understanding the impossible? Each of us brings something of value in retrospect to the community our skill sets range & prospectives outline a bases for a overall semi-truth of the world around us. Ideally we use algorithm's in correlating information but hold individuals within the community as holding the important power of collaborating the information between each other as a way to highlight semi-truths in relation to the information.

  • The Power of Linguistics

    Take the community driven research & provide powerful insights for the collaborators, the end goal of our linguistics development is to dissect interactions & provide weight to each word. Connect public data to a public API that can be correlated to a powerful 3d graphing representation giving insight in retrospect to your work & easily collaborative to others work as to give new incentives for driving value & innovation.

  • Improve the Portfolio

    Of course at the end of the day all this information & the community we build is meant to help you improve your investing capabilities & grow a portfolio. With the ability to stay up to date within the community you'll hear first hand whats going on within the industry & gain a edge in retrospect to the average investor who is attempting to juggle this industry on his own.

API we are Connect with:

How it Works
Turn Data Into Tables, API Structures & Interactive Visualisation
# Picture Name Current Price % Change 24h Today's High Today's Low Market Cap
Table image
XRP $0.41
$0.42 $0.39 $17.4 billion
Table image
Bitcoin Cash $408.84
$438.75 $399.05 $7.3 billion
Table image
Litecoin $124.14
$136.62 $120.65 $7.8 billion
Table image
Cardano $0.08
$0.09 $0.08 $2.6 billion
Table image
Monero $90.20
$98.33 $87.81 $1.5 billion
Table image
Stellar $0.11
$0.11 $0.10 $2.1 billion
Table image
Dash $155.58
$167.95 $155.30 $1.4 billion
Table image
TRON $0.03
$0.04 $0.03 $2.2 billion
Table image
Bitcoin SV $199.79
$212.39 $194.35 $3.6 billion
Table image
NEO $16.72
$18.02 $16.63 $1.2 billion

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